Are you looking for a hairstylist and beauty team for your wedding that wont just show up on the day and do beautiful work but actually lovingly support you to figure out your dream look that will be as exquisite  as your dress and make the ones you love cry tears of joy as you walk down the isle?

We are committed to providing the most relaxing experience from start to finish. We want to see you leave with those 'feel good' vibes and a big smile you cant wipe off your face because you LOVE your hair! Better yet we'll give you the tools and guidance to love and care for you look everyday at home.



The Serena Hair Experience

We deliver a truly personalised experience, taking the time to understand your vision and connect with you as a person in a relaxed atmosphere. 

We take the overwhelm and uncertainty out of what to do with your hair! With over 13 years of experience we know what will work for your hair, face and personality and can help guide you. 

Our clients comment on the calming, relaxed energy we bring to our appointments. Our goal is to make you feel as amazing and relaxed as humanly possible.

At our salon, we don't just want your hair to look beautiful for one day. We educate all our clients on how to maintain their look so it works for them day-to-day.

Our Work


Our Team

Hi I'm Serena

I started Serena Hair with the aim of creating a better experience than what is common place in many salons. Instead of the overcrowded, noisy salons, customers being passed around from staff member to staff member in an impersonal way and pushy, up-selling practices, we put our client's needs and comfort at the forefront of everything we do.


Aaaaaaaaaamazing. So much talent and without question the best hairdresser I have ever had.

And I'm a fussy customer!!! She knows her client so well and is not only all over current (and old)  styles and techniques but is continuously researching new and healthier ways to get the desired look. I can't recomend her enough. Total professional and incredible hairdresser.

Siska Concannon

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Do note shampoo your hair for 48 hours after your extensions service. This will give enough time for the bonds to settle an ensure that your extensions will not slide out.

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