OLAPLEX: Introducing the holy grail for hair


Go Blonder. Push the boundaries further without compromising the health of your hair. Be set free from the fear of damage with this new found insurance for your hair…

As a professional hairstylist and colourist I have often had to turn clients down who have requested colour changes that sacrifice the condition of their hair due to the probability of hair breakage.

A lot of my clients keep me on my toes (which I love and encourage!) some want to look completely different after each visit, and some just want to keep pushing the hair, lighter, blonder, brighter! And if it were to snap – it would be the worst-case scenario all round.

So when I heard about Olaplex, my ear

s pricked up and I could not get my hands on it quick enough. I began using it on my clients immediately in conjunction with their regular colour services and highlights just letting them know when I was rinsing their colour what Olaplex was and that I would now be offering it as a hair perfecting service…. Many came back in 6 weeks with enthusiasm for the new service and product, noticing the texture of their hair felt stronger, less frizzy, less dry and if we had made a big colour change (especially into the light blondes) there was no breakage and the colour was holding exceptionally well.

What we do/how it works:

The Olaplex Bond Multiplier No.1 is added to lightener or color and finished by applying Bond Perfector No.2 after colour is rinsed from the hair to dramatically reduce breakage with every colour service.

Olaplex services are optimized by offering the professional Hair Perfector No.3 Take Home product $39.95. This is to be used once a week to strengthen hair further or to use as a pre-treatment to a future chemical service. Hair Perfector No.3 Take Home has amazing additional benefits.

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