The Art of Cool & Ash Tones

Depending on how much you dislike a copper brassy red tone in your hair will determine whether you take your hairdresser's home hair care advice on this one!

There are a few simple steps you can take in your home hair care routine to avoid a copper, red or a yellow faded brunette.

If the issue is Colour fade on brunette hair, I will generally recommend Ultra Brown Shampoo. This can be alternated with a Colour save shampoo or used each time you wash your hair. If you choose to use it every wash, you may also enjoy using a clarifying shampoo such us MorroccanOil Clarify Shampoo every 3rd shampoo or once a week. This will prevent product build up. I recommend this to all clients especially those who feel their hair gets oily or flat.

For Brunette clients who have blonde highlights or baliage - I love the Ultra Clair Treatment. This is beautiful & smells divine. This is great to keep a clear fresh blonde highlight & neutralizes yellow tones. This needs to be left on for 3-5minutes and I like to use it every 3rd wash to keep brassy blondes at bay.

Two awesome ways in which looking after your colour at home can benefit you:

1) You wont hate your colour by the time your next hair colour appointment rolls up.

2) Professional hair care products (if correctly prescribed for your hair type - preferably by your hairdresser who knows your hair and what’s up with it!) will keep your hair in optimum condition therefore your hair colour will 'hold' better. Your colour will be less brassy, less faded - this is the answer to your washed out colour battles.

Note: A few things to consider before you self-medicate your hair

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