PureBlends - Personalised Haircare

Pure Blends Colour Depositing Shampoos & Conditioners are created to maintain, refresh and extend the longevity of your hair colour.

Pure BLENDS high lather, hydrating Colour Depositing Shampoos are mixed together by your Hairstylist to create your own personalised pigmented Shampoo.

Directions: Use on Damp or pre shampooed hair every other time you wash your hair. Leave in for 3-5 minutes applied without excessive scrubbing.

We recommend using a colour save or colour protect shampoo & conditioner alternating with your Pureblends Shampoo. Davroe Colour Repair Shampoo and Conditioner can be a good option or Pravana Vivid's Colour protect is perfect if you are a vibrant Vivids client.

Please ensure you are using Olaplex no.3 treatment at least 1x per week 10minutes prior to shampooing. Follow these steps along with your recommended leave in treatment post wash.

Please note: Excessive use of heat tools (Flat irons, curling tongs, blow dryers, hot water...) will fade your colour much quicker. Always use a heat protector pre heat styling and do not over use heat tools.

If you have any questions on the use of your recommended home hair care routine please send us your questions at: Hello@serenahair.com.au


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