Its time to choose a hairstyle for your B-Maids!

You spend hours working on your look as the bride to be - but how much thought have you put into

your bridesmaids styles?

Choosing a style for your bridesmaids can be really fun💖!

Be open and honest with them about what you want for their look if you have an idea already but remain open and adaptable to tweaks and changes needed for that style to suit each of your bridesmaids personally!

This is a big piece of the overall look!

They will be in your photos and walking down the isle ahead of you so we want them to look pretty amazing.

You can have some fun with this! It doesn't need to be super strict.

Positive emotions like joy, love, inspiration, motivation help to create a positive experience for the bride to be and everyone sharing this special day.

It is SO important for everyone to look and feel their best on such a significant day but it is just as important to set the tone of positive energy.

Being organised and trusting the people around you, delegating where possible and staying calm and relaxed will help create an experience that is enjoyable and memorable for you and everyone involved in this exciting day!

You need to make sure the hairstyle suits the dress but also their hair type and length.

Their hair needs to compliment your hairstyle so its a great idea to choose your bridal hair first.From there you can choose a style for them that is different to yours - you want for there to be a contrast in styles but the overall look to flow.

Once you have a fair idea of the style you are having, its time to create a bit of a vision for how you would like your bridesmaids to look so that it compliments your overall style.

The best way to do this is finding a few images you like and sending them through to us so that we can begin your journey in the Blissful Bride Process.

If you are unable to take advantage the BBP you can create your own pinterest boards and ask your bridesmaids for their opinions to then pass on to your wedding stylist.

It looks amazing when the bridesmaids all have a similar vibe going.

Matching hair accessories is an awesome way to coordinate the b-maid hair even further and can really tie the look together 👌

When you have a mixture of girls with long and short hair incorporating an elegant hairband or comb will give you that beautiful flow and consistent style.Then you could choose something bolder for the bridal style to create more contrast for the bride!We will create your vision by taking into consideration each girls face shape, dress neckline, age, hair type and personal tastes..

As with most projects - it is so much easier to work with a process!

Contact us now to ask about our unique BlissFul Bride Process and gain some clarity around creating your perfect wedding hair and makeup look.

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